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Ocoee High School Tie-In Ceremony

I've never been to a Tie-In ceremony before, have you?

This is the second year that Ocoee High School has performed this formal induction. I'm hoping one of the coaches, athletes or parents can help explain this event more in full...

After a lovely supper, the team lined up and Coach explained the significance of the tie in history and modern culture, and is an indication of status. Each athlete placed their own individual tie on a rope, hung between a black ceremonial arch.

The students were solemn as each carefully placed his tie on the rope. Most took a moment to soak in the moment before turning towards their coach, who handed each athlete a new, team tie.

Varsity team members sport matching GOLD ties, and JV/Freshmen are dapper in black ties.

The ritual of learning to tie a tie passed from coach and parent to son.

I'm already looking forward to the next Ceremony. I had no idea what to expect! It is a very well thought out, meaningful experience for athletes, coaches and parents.











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