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An Eagle came to visit Ocoee High School...

So editing some pics from last night's game.. there was an eagle that flew over - first I"ve seen in Ocoee!! I don't know how that bird could stand it - you couldn't see it for the blinding light but there is a NEST up on the stadium lights!

These creatures can spot a mouse in dusk from (mumblemumble) meters away, and looking into stadium lights don't seem to perturb it one bit. Crazy when you think about it!

So here I am on the sidelines with a 20-something pound camera on a monopod... changed my settings, lifted the gear up about 60 degrees and aimed for what I hoped was the eye... who could see anything looking into stadium lights? Not me! Anyway. I'm proud of this shot, it isn't impeccable but it's good for how it was shot...

Are eagles common around here?

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